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Swim Lessons


Swim Lessons Overview

Swim Lessons at The Downers Grove Swim and Racquet Club  follow the American Red Cross model which offers a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate swimming and water safety program. Children learn to swim skillfully and safely as well as think and act safely in, on and around water. The lessons are based on a logical progression - acclimating children to the water to all four competitive strokes - and give participants a positive learning experience.  Parents do not need to be in the pool with their children during lessons.

Downers Grove Swim and Racquet keeps class sizes small so children will get the maximum attention from their instructor. The children are tested on the first day of class and assigned to a group where they will stay until all skills at that level have been mastered. Swim Lesson Coordinators assess skills and children are promoted to the next level when needed.

Level Overviews:
Level 1:  For ages 1-3 or children who are afraid or new to the water. Swimmers learn basic movements and work on getting comfortable in the water.
Level 2:  For ages 2-5 or children who can go independently underwater. This level focuses on floating and being more independent in the water.
Level 3:  For children 3 and up who are just starting to swim independently, but need more practice. They work on independence on all strokes, floats and kicks.
Level 4:  For children who are completely independent in the water and are comfortable swimming laps in deeper water. They work on their swimming strokes and building endurance.
Level 5&6:   For children who are completely independent and are working on endurance and perfecting their strokes. Children at this level often move on to swim team during or after the session.


2019 Session Dates: More Info to come on 2020 Session Dates

  1. June 10 - June 14
  2. June 17 - June 21
  3. June 24 - June 28
  4. July 1 - July 5: Make Up Lesson Week*!  Any lessons missed during the first three sessions will be made up this week.
  5. July 8 - July 12
  6. July 15 - July 19
  7. July 22 - July 26
  8. July 29 - August 2
  9. August 5 - August 9:  Make Up Lesson Week*!  Any lessons missed during the four sessions in July will be made up this week.

Session Times:

  • 10:35 - 11:15AM - All Levels - 40 Minutes
  • 11:20AM - 12PM - All Levels - 40 Minutes

Swim Lesson Cost: 

$25 per week

Make-Up Lesson Weeks:

All lessons will be held rain or shine unless air temperature is below 68 degrees according to weather.com and/or severe weather (thunderstorms, etc.).  When a lesson is cancelled, the following weeks are used for make-up dates:  July 1 - 5 or August 5-9 (2020 dates to be released soon).  If the lesson is cancelled on a Monday, please be prepared to attend a make-up session on the same weekday of the make-up week.  Unfortunately, DGSRC cannot accommodate missed lessons due to personal reasons (vacation, etc.).

Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request and are a great way to improve your child’s abilities in the water. Private lessons are scheduled with the instructor and are dependent on the swimmer's and instructor's availability.   Please see the front desk to register your child or email dgsrc@dgsrc.net. Private lessons are $25 per hour.

Diving Lessons

Based on member feedback, we will offer Diving Lessons from 10AM - 10:30AM the week of June 17th and June 24th (2020 dates to be released soon).  Max of 10 participants and $35 per week.  Depending on interest, the Club potentially will over more classes in the future.  Please register for the program through the self-service portal.