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About Our Pro

Welcome Back Coach Craig!

The Downers Grove Swim and Racquet Club (DGSRC) welcomes back Craig Southworth as the head pro for the 2020 season. Craig has lived and been a part of the Downers Grove community for 20+ years. Craig played Division 1 tennis at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He is a certified athletic trainer through NATA, the National Athletic Trainers Association, and worked with all levels of athletes from high- school-age to professional teams including the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Blackhawks.  He is certified tennis coach through the International Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) & Craig has been teaching tennis to kids and adults in the western suburbs—and instilling a love for the sport—for more than 15 years. Craig has been a tremendous asset to the DGSRC tennis program and we are glad to welcome him back for his 4th season.

DGSRC and US Tennis Association (USTA) Tennis Program

DGSRC will continue to follow the USTA's 10 and under Tennis Program. The program takes a new approach to teaching kids how to play tennis and suiting the curriculum (courts, balls, etc.) to the students' ability level leading to a more entertaining experience. For more information see blow or visit the USTA website.

Please note that classes should be selected by skill level.  Ages highlighted are a recommendation only provided for guidance.

RED Ball:  Tennis for the beginner; Red Ball classes use a slower ball and a smaller court (36'). Enables planers to rally and develop skills sooner than standard equipment. Recommended racquet is 23" and below.  (Ages 5-7)

ORANGE Ball: Uses a faster ball and 60' court; focus on technique (forehand, backhand, volleys) and tactics. Recommended racquet is 25" and below.  (Ages 8-11)

GREEN Ball: Uses a faster ball and full size court (78'); focus on improving strokes with direction and pace. Recommended racquet is 25"-27" and below.  (Ages 8-11)

INTERMEDIATE: Standard tennis ball; emphasis on consistency of strokes, control, and placement of shots. Beginning of some competitive play; players will work on singles and doubles strategy. (Ages 10+)